Prime Minister Imran Khan Addresses Nation

Prime Minister Imran Khan Addresses Nation fir the first time as chief exectuive.
Imran Khan was sworn in as the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan in a simple ceremony hosted at the Aiwan-i-Sadr (President House) in Islamabad.

Below are the highlights of his speech and the future strategy and priorities of his government.

Pakistan is suffering form worst economic crisis.

Pakistan among top 5 countries where children dies of dirty water.

Pakistan has the highest number of stunted growth in children

Pakistan is forced to borrow $2billion every month

Pakistan ranks 7th country to be the most vulnerable to climate change

Imran Khan urged the nation to stay strong.

Imran Khan says Pakistan was built for equality and justice.

Imran Khan is focusing on Pakistan’s poor fiscal health and human development. The country needs to take out loans to pay its loans, he rightly notes. Here, he holds up images showing the impact of malnutrition on brain development.

Imran Khan confirms that he will not be staying in the Prime Minister house.
He further adds, he will only be keeping two cars, while the rest bullet proof cars will all be auctioned and the money shall all be added in the treasury.

Imran Khan says no governer will be staying or living in the governer house; but rather in the Military 3 bedroom house. he also said there will be a committe that will decide as what has to be done with all the luxurious governer and state houses. While the Prime Minister house might be converted in to a reputable research university.

Prime Minister House had 524 employees 80 cars and 33 bullet proof vehicles I will have only two employees and two vehicles all other vehicles will be auctioned PM House will be converted into a university

All elected politicians and ministers will work together to cut down their expenditure.

Doctor Ishrat Hussain will be leading the task force to bring out employment in the country.

Imran Khan urges the nation to pay taxes to eliviate standard of living.


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