Venom Soundtrack by Eminem is out – Watch Now

See VENOM across Pakistan October 5!

The visual drops the same day as the release of the film, which stars Tom Hardy as the Spider-Man villain Venom. The video follows the arc of a young man who finds a CD copy of Eminem’s latest album Kamikaze on a sidewalk, only to discover that the disc is attempting to cover his body in black sludge in the style of Venom. Spoiler alert: Near the end of the clip, Eminem reveals himself to be Venom. It’s a feat of corporate symbiosis, which is presumably the driving theme of Venom – Reports Spin

In the video, a virus – based on the alien symbiote at the heart of Venom – makes everyday citizens spontaneously burst out rapping, destroy stuff and transform into Eminem, who delivers the track in a darkened room. The Slim Shady symbiote works its way through the city until it encounters another hooded figure that eventually turns into Eminem, who in turns morphs into murderous Venom at the end of the video published Rolling Stone.

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