Rung Do by Call celebrates the beauty of trees

Call is raising awareness for the conservation of trees. And I honestly, can not imagine a world without the beautiful trees. Trees are an important part of our everyday lives, whether we realize it or not. That is the key message these generous artists are delivering.

Call’sRung Do in collaboration with WWF Pakistan is a fresh and innovative way to communicate the vital role trees play in keeping our communities healthy, clean and enjoyable –and the critical need to protect them.

Call with their video Rung Do help in celebrating the beauty, longevity and science of trees, and the importance of teaching younger generations to appreciate them.

Shoot with 50 videographers in 70 cities and villages across Pakistan, what caught my eye eye in the first look of Rung Do, were the children, the future of Pakistan.

Rung Do is an urge for us to to look out our window and witness the beauty, the logic and the creative life force embodied in a tree. It above all is an urge to conserve trees and hence plant one, two, three or as many as possible.

“Today, I share with you the first fruit of our effort. A message from kids all over Pakistan. A message that says Rung Do. A message that promises to move us, inspire us to do an act. An important act for us as a nation, and for humanity in general. The act of planting a tree. The act that can change our world for the better. The act that can ensure a healthy future for our next generations. An act that will save us. “Rung Do Pakistan” stands for this act and pledges to inspire everyone to plant a tree today. Thank you WWF Pakistan for your immense and beautiful support.” Said Xulfi as he shared the first look of Rung Do on social media.

There’s so much we can learn from trees. They recycle everything they use for photosynthesis. During their life cycle they give us the air we breathe. I hope hearing Rung Do will help make us all more appreciative of trees and aware of the good they do for us. And maybe inspire the planting of some more.

You can participate in campaign and post a picture of yourself or the tress you have planted with the hashtag #MarkYourselfGreen on your social-media and tag @thebandcall on Facebook, instagram and Twitter.

Food, climate, wildlife, forests, fresh water, oceans are the 6 areas that WWF is working in to save nature in Pakistan through over 20 offices nationwide and more than 30 projects.

You can support WWF by:

Become a WWF Member

Volunteer for WWF

Make a Donation to WWF

For more information log on to WWF web:

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