Strings Mil Gaya is for the lost youth of Pakistan

The heart breaking reality is that there is an increase in poverty and decrease in opportunity for the nation’s youth. The youth of today is told to work hard and go to college, yet after graduating they find few permanent job opportunities? Many of the jobs that are available are part-time, temporary or contract labor? These insecure jobs pay one-third of what their fathers earned? The low pay makes living at home the only viable option? Poor economic conditions persist for over 60 years in a row?
Doesnt reading all this make you a little sentimental. And what better way to magnify our emotions than with music?

PMB shares Strings latest release Mil Gaya with you, it triggers the brain to release the feel good chemical called dopamine that could help fade away a bad mood.

Staying true to their decades old sonic aesthetic, Strings’ fourth song ‘Mil Gaya’ from their ongoing album “30” takes the listener through a melodious experience with the band’s soulful vocals and smooth guitar tones. The lyrics of the song beautifully pen the thoughts and longings of a lover.

Featured Image and Above Artwork by Sana Nasir

Directed by Kamal Khan and shot in Lyari, the video speaks to the viewer on another level. It narrates the journey of a misguided teenager who loses his way to the obscenities of society but is able to find a light that guides his way out of it. The video is extremely relatable to the youth of Pakistan, who need to be guided out of their distractions onto a more constructive and productive path.

Song: Mil Gaya
Artist: Strings
Lyricist: Bilal Maqsood
Video Director: Kamal Khan

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