Sapphire Bohemia Autumn Collection 2018 launches on 28 September

The spirit of autumn lies in the kaleidoscope of colours, vibrant as life; reflective of the beauty all around. It is the declaration of a union between what once was and what is to be; the forging of ties between the new and the forgotten.

“Bohemia” – is the latest Sapphire collection pays ode to autumn by encapsulating the unique elements of the season. Meticulously designed prints and delicate embroidery fashioned against a vibrant and rich color palette, seamlessly blends the various shades of fall; illustrative of the uniqueness that dwells within each and every woman.

Sapphire crafted the collection so that it exudes warmth and comfort with a freshness unique to the Bohemian culture. Every piece has been designed to reflect a more carefree, vibrant side while complementing the signature style of every woman.

Known for its earthy roots and chilled out vibe, ‘Bohemia’ will be available in-stores and online on 28th September.

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