Unsung Pakistani Lullaby’s of Nestle Cerelac Loree Kahani Series

Sometimes, little ones love bedtime, but other times, sending a baby off to dreamland requires feeding, swaddling, or singing a sweet bedtime song to the baby. You don’t need the voice of an angel to sing your baby to sleep with lullabies. Singing may just be the easiest way to soothe a child, not to mention a beautiful bonding experience between parent and baby. But what should you sing, exactly? These 3 classic lullabies are a good place to start. Softly croon or hum one of them and you’ll soothe your upset baby in no time.

Loree Kahani by NESTLÉ CERELAC is a compilation of traditional Lullabies of Pakistan in 3 languages, rooted in our rich cultural heritage, captured along with a story. I atleast did not see mothers in my circle sharing them around or talking about it.

The first loree (lullaby) released was none other than every generations favorite Chanda Mama. With Ali Noor & Zeb Bangash on the vocals, the lullaby is an ultimate classic.

The second loree (lullaby) is in Saraki. The lorre is untitled and has Ali Noor and Sanam Marvi on the vocals. The music and the melody does remind of Alamgir Mein Nay Tumhari Gagar Sey Kabhi Pani Piya Tha in some parts.

The third loree is in Pashto and Urdu. This again is untitled and unnamed and has Ali Noor singing in Urdu with a female vocalist for Pashto.

The Loree Kahani is by NESTLÉ CERELAC is directed by Mandana Zaidi. The guitars are done by the Ahsan Pervaiz Mehdi.
The Loree’s are wonderful.
The concept of the video could’ve been better.
It is really disappointing to see that apart from mentioning Zab Bangash and Sanam Marvi, the female vocalist for the third loree in Pashto is not credited anywhere not even on Nestle official platforms.
If you are a keen follower of Pakistani music you can see Ahsan Pervaiz Mehdi. But rest of the musicians are sadly un credited.

This is how i am going to rate these loree’s.

1. I think I would call this loree “ALLAH HOO SHA ALLAH HO” as this is what I understand.
Iam absolutely in love with the loree in Pashto. The music is wonderful, the colors are vibrant, the post for this particular is smooth and last but not the least the xylophone notes in this particular loree are just so soothing.

2. Chanda Mama – Ali Noor & Zeb Bangash

3. Loree in Siraiki with Sanam Marvi & Ali Noor

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