Masarrat Misbah Makeup Nation Masterclass Start with Faisalabad Chapter

Masarrat Misbah Makeup National Masterclass kicks of at Faisalabad on 3rd October 2018. I was invited by Talking Point to be a part of this learning experience. The basic plan is to go city to city and provide the best of the expertise so that you will understand the basics of Make-up and Hair, equipment and products. Masarrat Misbah along with her team of talented foreign qualified makeup artists spend time with you to answer questions and provide you with ways to develop and progress in order to work professionally as a Make-up & Hair Artist. The day is also centered around increasing and building your confidence, increasing your application speed whilst simultaneously making sure you know how to “perfect the look”. It is all about the finer details other artists sometimes miss!

Masarrat Misbah is known for offering beauty and dignity. At this particular time we shouldn’t think of the beauty industry as some kind of conspiratorial development that is imposed by manipulative entrepreneurs trying to make women feel a certain way. It was much more organic and part of a huge social transformation.
Masarrat Misbah has long been active in, social, and charitable organizations. Depilex Smile Again Foundation, provides treatment and shelter to the acid attack victims. Many through this organizations have been taken abroad for surgical treatments for skin and damage repairs to the face and eyes and other parts of the body because of the acid attack.

Masrrat Misbah, started out as a young, single mother, who was the  beneficiary of her children’s aid. …With the passage of time she lent her voice to social causes on local, national, and international scales, campaigning for the acid attack victims,

Every time you listen to Masarrat Misbah talk or deliver a speech, you are awe struck by her struggles, what she made of them, and how she took adversity and turned it into opportunity by her desire to help other women make their lives better. Masarrat Misbah has always had an indomitable spirit that prevails through the difficulties of finding capital, and through the difficulties of her own very limited social position back then. In a market in which there weren’t many realms where women could play, she found a way.

Regardless of race, regardless of gender, Masarrat Misbah is really a story about a traveler on the road of life who took obstacles and detours, and made them into fuel and light for herself and for those around her—other travelers around her. And I think that’s a story that inspires and educates women from many, many walks of life. Personal charisma combined with her army of beauty as well as appealing and effective products that inspire consumer loyalty—held sway over the popularization of beauty products that are just emerging for all women deliver her central message that is holding pride and empowerment in ones self It was wonderful to see women in large numbers are today stepping out onto the public stage as members of the workforce and are adopting a more defined role as consumers.

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As you journey through life your face, skin & style changes. To avoid ageing your look or dating your image, your makeup needs to keep up with these changes. If, like many women, applying makeup makes you frustrated, messes with your self-esteem or leaves you wondering why you never get it right, I’m here to remind you you’re not alone. And that you’re in the right place if you want a simple solution. That’s right, this empowering Makeup Masterclass will change the way you look at makeup forever.

The talk by Masarrat Misbah in The National Makeup Master Class focused on

Simple tricks to instantly boost your confidence with makeup
Practical ways to improve & revamp your makeup look
Expert techniques for applying foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, blush, contouring & lipstick
Step by step guide for easily creating a flawless, natural-look makeup
How to hide your flaws and imperfections
Secrets to an even, long-lasting makeup
How to choose a foundation colour that suits your unique skin tone
Brush skills that supercharge your makeup application
Memorable makeup tips that will stay with you forever
Importance of Halal Cosmetics
Importance of personal hygiene when you are a beautician.

The session was then taken over my Isma who did the Bridal Skin preparation of the model for the models bridal look, plus she did Party makeup with deep smokey eyes for another model.
Isma focused on:
CTM – 3 important steps to prep skin before makeup
Consultation with the client prior to doing the makeup
Bridal Makeup
Party Makeup

Annie from Depilex, is an Australian qualified makeup artist took to the stage to explain how to achieve a perfect look for eye makeup.
The tips she shared were in fact the very core of learning and perfecting makeup:
Always use eye primer first.
Learn with a basic eyeshadow palette first.
Get the right eye makeup brushes.
Apply the highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes.
Use the damp brush trick to get more color.
Highlight the eyebrow for a defined arch.
Work on your crease

The National Masterclass was followed by

Bridal Makeup Competition
Announcing the winners of the bridal competition
Q&A with the attendants

Masarrat Misbah & MM Makeup Team showed some extra love to all the participants of the class.
Special 15% discount on MM Makeup Silk Foundation
Special 20% discount on the entire MM Makeup range
Certificate of attendance for all participants and attendants
A goodie bag for all participants and attendants with over 2k PKRS worth of cosmetics and a Masarrat Misbah Makeup mug

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