YouTuber Lilly Singh Announces Break from her YouTube as she Struggles with Depression

YouTube vlogger Lilly Singh is temporarily stepping away from the video platform.

“I am mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted, I’ve been doing YouTube consistently for eight years … and for a lot of those years, I’ve been doing it twice a week, plus the daily blogs.” she said in her YouTube video.

Lilly Singh who goes by “Superwoman” on YouTubehas 14.5 million subscribers and she uploaded a video on her YouTube saying tthat she would be taking a break from making videos to focus on her mental health.

“Mental health is important y’all. Loving yourself is a priority. I’m taking a break from YouTube but I promise I’ll be back happier and healthier. I hope you’ll be here waiting and we can dramatically run into each others arms like a Bollywood movie. I’d like that. I love you #TeamSuper. I’ll see you soon”

She said: “YouTube, in all of its glory, it kind of is a machine and it makes creators believe that we have to pump out content consistently even at the cost of our health and our life and our mental happiness.”
The star, one of the platform’s highest earners, said she was struggling with burnout after posting videos consistently since 2010.

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