Keratech Pro – A safe solution to baldness and hair fall

Baldness and hair loss is nothing short of a nightmare. All of us get so scared at the sight of the hair falling off our head. There were times, when baldness was associated with old age. Sadly, today even young people are going bald and facing trouble with their hair. Its the unavoidable bad lifestyle choices, lack of proper nutrition and the most common and unavoidable factor of all stress, that has made baldness and hair fall so pervasive. But guess what, here is the good news, there is a way out apart from the expensive option of hair transplantation and the way out is called ‘KERATECH PRO’.

This is how it works: KERATECH PRO second generation keratin hair fibres INSTANTLY transform thinning or fine hair to look thick & voluminous covering any scalp show through. The reason Keratech Pro looks so natural and undetectable is due to it being made from Keratin the same protein your hair is made from. Keratin hair fibres are electro statically charged enabling them to attach themselves directly to your hair, keratin fibres are 100% natural plant based and will not harm your hair or skin. They are completely safe to use with other hair treatments and compliment hair transplants and hair regrowth following medical conditions.

Step 1 : Wash dry & Style your hair.
Step 2 : Lightly sprinkle fibres on the areas you want to thicken or conceal and pat your hair lightly to distribute fibres more evenly.
Note : To target small areas such as partings attach the precision pump to the fibre bottle. For hair lines use the hairline optimiser to create natural looking hairline.
Step 3 : For optimum results and hold use our Keratech Pro fibre fixing spray, which will Increase protection from wind rain and perspiration.

Benefits and Results
1) Complete hair makeover in 30 seconds
2) Thickens hair. Conceals bald patches, broken hair lines & wide partings.
3) Conceals regrowth & grey hair.
4) Wind, Rain & Perspiration proof.
5) 100% Natural looking, 100% Undetectable & 100% Plant protein

Keratech hair fibres are available in 10 colours which can be mixed and blended for example add a touch of grey to match your natural hair.
1) Black
2) Dark Brown
3) MEdium Brown
4) Hazel Brown
5) Light Brown
6) Golden Brown
7) Dark Blonde
8) Medium Blonde
9) Blonde
10) Grey

KERATECH PRO is the choice of professional hairdressers, barbers, stylists and actors.
Developed by award winning hairdresser Kevin Jarvis. Having tried several solutions for his thinning hair Kevin could not find a suitable solution. Many of the hair concealers & Fibre brands are made from synthetic materials which either stain the skin and clothing and bleed dye when wet. Many are not suitable for sensitive and fair skin types. KERATECH PRO is made from 100% Keratin resinous plant protein, Keratin is the same protein our hair is made from and the reason it is very safe to use and looks very natural “its – like adding hair to your own hair”.

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