My goals for 21 Day Challenge of Wholesome Living

I have signed up for the #21DayChallenge to make #WholesomeLiving achievable.
I have developed #WholesomeLiving challenge goals for myself that lean on four pillars of wellness:
1) Mindset / Mental Health
2) physical fitness
3) healthy eating
4) Time Management and Priortizing

1) MINDSET: I am married to guy, who loves me to the moon and back (literally). Over the six years of my marriage, I have come across people who have loathed me, hated me, bullied me and have done everything to wreck my life. The bullying strangely comes from women who are 70 plus. From having cornflakes, to wearing a saree at range event, Ive been called in family gathering for whatever i do. The main reason for all this bullying is because, these women want to manipulate and control situations that are related to me, my husband and everything and anything that relates to my married life.

All the star plus saga in my life over these years courtesy these buddhi maaies has left me being frustrated, depressed, to point where I end up having anixety/panic attacks and two pregnancy losses.

As a result of all this, I stopped going out in gatherings, where I know I would have to be a victim of their petty disgusting behavior. I was called out for having a miscarriage because I have cornflakes for breakfast and not having body string enough to handle the changes that happen to a womans body when she conceives. I was called out for wearing a stitched saree, and not being capable, confident and khaandani enough to pellete it myself.

I cant ever forgive any of these people. But letting all those notorious women sting me with their hate is killing me every hour of my life.

#WholesomeLiving #21DayChallenge Mindest/Mental Health Goal:
During these 21 days am going to block out all the pessimistic and negative people around me. I know I am a worthy daughter, sister, wife, friend, and a mother, and I’ll make sure I dont let them bring me down, and let anyone tell me otherwise. I will try to remain calm and in perfect control of my emotions when interacting and coming across such pessimists on daily basis.
I shall try not to limit myself and social activities because of people who sick minds.
I shall instead look straight in the eye and let them know how worthless they are.

2) PHYSICAL FITNESS: I quit the gym about 22 months ago. Because I am a new mother, and my 22 month old tiny human has the superpowers of The Flash, Hulk, Thor Shazam and Superman all at the same time, I have to match his speed, and his quick thinking so that I know what he is put to next and I am able to stop him from causing any harm to himself and damage to anyone and anything around him.

#WholesomeLiving #21DayChallenge Physical Fitness Goal:
I will from day 1 start, with a ten minute workout, which by on the 21st day my challenge shall hopefully be spanned to an hour. I have worked on a workout routine where I can involve my tiny human along, so that he does not feel left out and let’s mommy achieve her target too.

I am sooo bad at eating properly.
At this point I have my breakfast at 12pm, and dinner at 10pm. In between, I barely find time for myself to prepare a meal. When I feel hungry, I fill my tummy with water. YES I KNOW THIS IS UNHEALTHY.

#WholesomeLiving #21DayChallenge Healthy Eating Goal:

Starting now I have planned my meals properly.
Wakeup at 9:30am, have breakfast by 10:30
Breakfast should include an egg, milk, whole barn bread
2pm: A salad/fruit bowl
6pm: Green tea and Whole Wheat Biscuits
8pm: Dinner 1 rotti with 1 bowl yogurt.
11pm: 1 warm mug of milk, maybe with honey or chocolate for flavor.

This is where I am lost. I have no fix time to sleep, I slack in taking time out for myself.

#WholesomeLiving #21DayChallenge Time Management and Priortizing Life Goal:

This is my goal for the next 21 days that I hope to continue with too:
Wakeup by 9:30am max
Sleep by 11:30pm max
What happens in between is what I am still trying to figure out. Once I am on a set routine of waking up and going to bed, iam sure I’ll be able to figure out the rest too.

I will be updating everything on daily basis on my Instagram at and on Facebook at
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