Wife of Shaheed Major Ishaq declared best shooter after completion of Army Medical Course

I belong to a nation where there is nothing more invincible and no force more powerful than our women who are determined to rise.

Dr.Ayesha, wife of Shaheed Major Ishaq is an epitome of strength and courage for all women.

As humans, we all mourn the passing of our loved ones differently. I don’t think there are any right or wrong ways.
Every unique relationship requires its unique process. Nonetheless, after coming across the news of what Dr.Ayesha wife of Shaheed Major Ishaq has achieved recently. I must say, I have yet to encounter any individual maintain their strength like hers.

After her husband Major Ishaq embraced Shahadat; Dr.Ayesha, did not let the state of disbelief and the state of confusion break or shatter her. Instead, she is now a personification of strength, courage and endurance.

She enrolled in “Army Medical Course” successfully completed all sessions in Islamabad and Kakul. Fired G3 rifle from a distance of 200 meters hit 15 out 16 targets, awarded as the best firer of the course. One very special thing Shaheed Major Ishaq fired 40 rounds from the same gun, 20 rounds with his right hand and when his right hand got injured, he changed the magazine and fired 20 rounds with his left hand.

Major Ishaq embraced martyrdom in an exchange of fire during a search operation at a terrorist hideout in Kulachi, Dera Ismail Khan last year (2017) on 22nd November.

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