Khel Deewano Ka with Fawad Khan ft. Young Desi is uplifting and fun

Sports and music go hand-in-hand. Whether we’re watching a hockey game, a soccer match, or hanging out at stadium to watch the chakkas and run outs; whenever fans sit down in their stadium or arena of choice, they want something other than the in-game action to get our blood pumping… thats where music comes in. Music is what helps us get there.

Honestly, the anthem this year for HBL PSL is no where near to blood pumping kind of beat, and nor is Khel Dewano with Fawad Khan ft Young Desi the kind of tune that you would want to listen to when you’re watching your team go head-to-head with its most bitter rival on the ground.

Dont get me wrong, I am in no way saying its terrible. Its wonderful, but not just the kind i was expecting. When I heard the line up for the anthem this year and came to know its going to have Fawad Khan and Young Desi on the vocals, i was expecting a number with aggression, head banging beats … mmm… something like maybe similar to EP’s Hamesha and Shor Macha.
But then, what i forgot to consider then was the fact that Shuja Haider is involved with the music and composition.

The beat for ‘Khel Deewano Ka’ is simple and easy to clap along to, the lyrics are uplifting and fun and there’s plenty Fawad Khan in it to see. The video also features Young Desi rapping to his lines and a a little bit of Shuja Haider in the video too.
2019 Pakistan Super League (also known as PSL 4 or for sponsorship reasons HBL PSL 2019) will be the fourth season of the Pakistan Super League, a franchise Twenty20 cricket league which was established by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in 2015. The tournament is scheduled to be played from 14 February till 17 March 2019, with a total of 34 matches.
The six teams will play 10 matches each and will get 2 points for every win, none for a loss and 1 point for a no result. The top four team in the group stage will qualify for the play-offs.

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