Review: Bounce Packages Mall – The Bouncy Kids Play Area

Nothing beats mall play areas for energy-burning fun, especially in Pakistan where parents are reluctant to take children out to parks, since they are not considered safe for a number of reasons.
So if you are in Lahore, I suggest you Pack up the kids and head to Packages Mall in DHA for Bounce and Super Space play areas.
Bounce is located on 1st floor, while Super Space is located on 2nd floor right above Bounce.
For smaller children Bounce at Packages Mall is an amazing experience. Bounce Packages as it is called has trampoline on one side and bouncy ball pit on the other side.

After you have reached at the Bounce Packages, all you have to do is go to the counter.
1. Register your child. Remember one adult is allowed per child.
2. The pricing is mentioned right at the end of this post.
3. Once you have selected your package and paid, you get a band to for your child, with the childs name and the time of entrance in to the bouncing ball pit.
4. You then remove your shoes and childs shoes and place/keep them in a locker that is assigned to you.
5. Next you are given a pair of socks for yourself and for your child. The socks are fresh clean pair and tagged together.
6. These socks are no ordinary socks, so please don’t argue about not wearing them. These socks have rubbers at the bottom, which will help you sustain your balance at the trampoline and the bouncy ball pit or while you decide to climb up the wall on the soft wall climbers.
Once you enter, you have the bouncy ball pit on your left side, the trampolines and slides on your right and at the farther end you have space for wall climbing activity.

The bouncy ball pit is a joy that you cannot explain unless you have actually had the pleasure of diving in.
The Bounce ball pits also has trampoline to give older kids even more of a ball bouncing experiencing.
After the trampoline, you get to go to a narrow area for climbing too.

Remember: The balls that are often found in pits are made of a very soft plastic that will bend if a child happens to land on it while bouncing. There is also no real danger of these balls breaking things if the child gets carried away and begins to toss them around. This does not mean that you should leave your child alone in the ball pit. Especially if it is a ball pit that you plan to use with smaller children.
They are fun to use because they combine the best of all things for smaller children and larger ones as well.
1. Most accidents in ball pits and other soft, contained play equipment used at indoor facilities can be avoiding by following some commonsense rules:
Keep younger, smaller children separated from the older kids — in a collision, the smaller child is likely to suffer a more serious injury.
2. Since it is easy to lose items in a ball pit, make sure you empty your child’s pockets — especially if the items have sharp edges that could pose a risk if they mix in with the balls. Likewise, remove jewelry and hanging strings that can get caught in mesh sides on play equipment.
3. Discourage your children from burying themselves in the balls, Wolfson advises, and make sure they don’t linger around the bottom of slides or climbing equipment.
4. Parents need to be alert to signs of allergic reactions in their kids following playtime in these pits and if your child is known to have latex allergies, he or she should avoid them altogether.
5. As with concern about collisions, germs, and foreign objects, let common sense guide your decision making.
The bounce is priced at 400 PKRS for 45 minutes and 600 PKRS for 45 minutes at Bounce and a horror ride at Super Space.

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